About Me

Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

I was born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts and lived there until I was in my late teens. A skinny, shy boy with low self esteem, I had always been attracted to the beauty of the beaches and the natural landscape that God had surrounded us with. My interest in landscaping peaked when my school offered classes in gardening. After high School I moved to Amherst, MA. and attended the University of Massachusetts to study Landscape Gardening. Later to further my schooling I moved to Pinehurst, North Carolina and graduated from Sandhills Community College of Landscape Design. Missing the beaches that were so close to me while growing up, I moved to Myrtle Beach South Carolina where I continued in the field of horticulture while pursuing my own health and weight training program.

Being a tall and a very slim boy while growing up, my interest soon was drawn to bodybuilding. Like everything else I try to do, I put my whole heart into developing a good healthy body and soon I was seeing the results. Hard work and commitment led me to study in the field, leading me to become a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Conditioning Specialist through NSPA which is a company based out of Maryland. My focus was to not just to become a Personal Trainer but to have a commitment to help others develop and find the rewards that I found. After 17 years of dedication of building my body and 7 years of personal training, I finally was brave enough to enter my first state NC Bodybuilding contest in 2004 and was elated when I ended up in 3rd place. After going through the grueling routine of preparing for a competition, you learn much about your inner self both spiritually and physically.

With the experience I gained through bodybuilding and keeping the body in shape, it was only logical that my next venture would be Massage Therapy. Being a Certified Massage Therapist means that I can combine the art of personal coaching and massage and help people reach their physical health goals, as well as ensuring that every person I work with takes time emotionally and spiritually to rest there inner soul.


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